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Woodblock Prints Achthuizen

There we have it. Something you will read a lot about on this website. The slow proces of making Woodblock Prints. Yesterday I finally finished the two new prints for the little village Achthuizen. It was not a long struggle to finish the woodcut because I am getting quite fast with the cutting proces but there were many things that disturbed the workflow. These were things like beer labels, a newsletter, book cover and some other things I needed to finish first.

The cutting knife

As you can see on the image above I carved my way through the wood in very small details. This piece is the most detailed up to date. I guess that is a goal of mine to be able to make super detailed woodblock prints just like the Japanese woodblock masters do. But not in a Asian way but the blunt "I PRINT WOOD WITH THICK INK..." European style. Why? Because I just pretend to be delicate and focussed.

The finished block

And there you have it. The windmill "Windlust" and the "Maria ten Hemelopneming Kerk" of Achthuizen. Ready to print. So today is going to be a day of preparing the paper and doing some test prints and maybe some graphic design stuff to study.

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