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Expect nothing.

I mentioned a big mural at Brouwerij Solaes. But this did not happen yet. There were some problems with the color so next week we'll give it another go. Yes, nothing happens as you expect how things will happen and that is okay.

The unexpected, when you take it in a small dose at the time, is good for your creative mind and it makes you more flexible. Something that is kind of hard for someone who has to deal with Autism. But I have to deal with it anyway because that is life. Things don't go as you want or like anyway. So let's talk about the things I did do. I felt sick and tired, maybe because of the world we live in, maybe just some bacteria or virus. I don't know, but I feel okay at the moment.

Linocut 4th of May.

I made a linocut for the Dutch Memorial Day at the fourth of may. We remember all the people who died in the Second World War. With the war in Ukraine it seems that it is more important to remember what war means then ever. That is why I made this symbolistic image. Death sits calmly before a window. Outside things are flat and destroyed. But in the hand of Death you find a bullet. This piece is a symbol of that you are not safe for war. Not even when you are warm inside your own home.

Second thing I wanted to talk about is the painting I started. A false and greedy Mary walks through the people. Big larvae/maggots crawl between the people. Weapons and wildmen and above all, the well known chaos. I am not going to explain anything. You need to figure out the story. A painting is only able to exist because of your eyes and how your mind processes the things you see.

A philosophical discussion we can have while drinking coffee at a bar (I'm can't drink alcohol anymore so I'll take coffee or tea.)

new logo 2022

The third thing I made is a new logo design! The old logo was too much of a drawing, I like the old design, but it is better for a t-shirt print design. The new design is more for the bigger audience since I am working on newsletters and other graphic design type of stuff. I am not destroying eyes all the time anymore and I like clean design work. I guess you'll see more of this in the near future but I don't promise anything. I am more proud of my illustrations and paintings at the moment to be honest.

Old logo

So that is a bit of what I have been working on besides some news letters and other graphic design stuff. But that is not for this website at this point. On other news, I am moving all social media type of stuff to this website. So leave a comment if you are interested in more updates or maybe a forum type of thing so the TRVE KVLT people can hang around and talk about music, design and art.

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