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The Terminal Lucidity of 2021.

To be completely honest... I couldn't give a crap about new years eve. So I am doing this the way I want to do it. The covid pandemic is a great excuse to do the things in a way I like. Keeping the doors closed and not leaving the house

That is why I continue the art of woodcuts of the Flakkee series.

The woodblock

I still like Flakkee. It has some beautiful places and I hope these will be around for many more years and even get better in 2022. Yes, local government, take care of your history! This needs to be shared with the world and that is why I am making prints of these buildings and places. Sadly one of the places you should take care of is not doing great. Fort Prins Frederik is falling apart but I know this could be a place for many tourists to enjoy.

part of Fort Prins Frederik

This fort needs the attention so I am not going to leave this at one woodcut and maybe even more artwork to promote this piece of history. Maybe my woodblock prints will be kept by some people and become a piece of local history on their own.

The other print I am working on is Het oude raadhuis van Ooltgensplaat. A beautiful old building not many people visit. It also has a rich history and the village is not a bad place to visit when you are on holiday. So pick up your stuff after covid and visit Flakkee and also the places that are not as easy to reach. With a car you can get everywhere and it is totally worth it. Nature and characteristic villages. What would you wish for more when you are looking for some peace?

"Oude Raadhuis" Ooltgensplaat

So let me continue adding more details to my woodblock and think of new paintings and design. There is a new beer label coming up and I am working on my illustrated CV. You can be sure I am not going to sit still anytime soon. Well, I am staying in my little room in one place for long periods of time but you'll get the point.

Stay safe! Stay healthy, don't be stupid during this pandemic and have a great 2022.

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