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Lockdown and poster art.

The world is bizarre. David Lynch is dealing with that a lot better than most of us. The best things happen when you try something new. Ideas are everywhere, you just need to pick the best ones. See the world as it is and enjoy the bizarre context of the events before you.

So there we go. A bright future with some positive vibes. We could use that. Especially the kids these days. The schools are closed and the outdoor playing field "Buutenplaets" created an event for these young ones to enjoy the last day of this year. An act with a professor who shows little experiments where there will be bangs and some sparks, archery and a barbeque. My goal as an artist is to make something you don't see in the streets. Something weird, something new. Photos with weird purble, pink and blue colors, heavy fonts to make things look cool and heavy like a video game. Some random shapes at random places... It all looks the same.

That is why I tried something different. No ink stains, no heavy shadows or dramatic compositions. Also, make it clean. Making the image in photoshop was the best option for me.

Poster for a Local event at the Buutenplaets

And this is the result. Something that could be placed on the cover of a comic or animation. I know that the character design is terrible for animation but a comic would be no problem in this style. This is something new I tried. I don't draw funny and happy, bright colored images often but these darker days were calling for it! Maybe the poster would make some people smile.

I don't know if the event is canceled or not at this point because of the lockdown but let's hope it does. Most people can't enjoy the absurdity of life so let's be nice to each other and make things a bit less hard for yourself and others. Stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for reading! ~CAVUM

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