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A weird thing about my inspiration.

Getting inspiration for new artwork is a weird thing. At least for me. Some things weigh heavy like Jheronimus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder and medieval manuscript paintings. Other sources of inspiration are not easy to be associated with the artwork I make.

Jheronimus Bosch. Detail of"The temptations of Saint Anthony"

Why medieval artwork?

Medieval art is all about telling stories. They are like medieval comic books. Most of the time the text is left out because it uses symbolism in a way we don't know anymore. This gives the feeling of a weird world we need to explore and try to understand.

I like the idea of this weird world and exploration. We try to understand the piece but without being educated on this topic we can't fully understand the complete piece. That is where the viewer of a piece comes into action. The viewer needs to use his or her own imagination and experiences of their own life to complete the story. A beautiful mind is going to answer all of the questions. In the case of medieval art it is not what should be done. But in my artwork that's okay. I encourage you to find your own way and make your own story while looking at my paintings and artwork.

"Zeug" by Vince Trommel. Ink and acrylics on wood. 2021


This brings me to the next source of inspiration. Movies. I am not a huge movie lover but when I find movies that I like, I do like them a lot. Old horrors and other weird surreal or abstract movies are perfect to get inspiration from. Not because of the themes but because of what is happening in itself.

The older horrors have a huge amount of creative solutions to visualize the story. Even when it is a movie from the 80's and you are confronted with colorful slime oozing out of everything or pink blood that splashes towards the screen with a latex head bouncing around and a man in a monster suit and loads of makeup we completely accept it. We respect the story and the effort that is put into these visualizations of horror. That is what I put in my work as well. Figures are not 100% realistic at all. I want to make things acceptable to see in the world the figures exist.

David Lynch is another of those huge sources of inspiration. He uses abstract concepts and is a huge warrior for the concept of movies that can't exist without a viewer. This is true in a literal point of view but it also has a deeper thought. They are not just easy enterainment, these movies are challenging you to think and experience your version of the movie.

David Lynch. "What did Jack do?"

Painting light on the walls.

My artwork is almost always extremely busy and weird. I like to wander mythical worlds, surreal dreamscapes and dark symbolistic themes, rooted deep in my anxiety and the world around me.

But that is not the art I like to see all the time. The artwork I am attracted to the most and am not able to produce is the more peaceful artwork. Sometimes even more abstract.

I think this is a bit because I admire the ability to leave things out in a piece. I can't do that at all. But I do love to see it. The atmosphere, the story and tension between one or two figures as we can see in several paintings made by Edward Hopper. The spaces painted by Helmantel where you want to be to feel how that place is.

Edward Hopper "Summer in the city"

In my work I value a certain feeling. In paintings like the one above you can feel the place and make the story between the characters. You can identify with the situation. Well... your own version of the situation. I want to drag someone into my own situation and thoughts and make people experience their own version of the situation. A creature I drew for a beer label is created to make you experience the wonder of a mythical figure you find in a bestiary. A poster design is made to make you experience something weird when you walk the streets. Poking your curioucity and dragging you down the rabbit hole with Alice. Everyone likes to find something new and unique. A little treasure in the streets or on the internet. You will become a part of a story just like you become a part of the story in the paintings of Hopper or Helmantel.

Zes Gemeten. Beer label for Solaes Brewery.

You are important!

You are important! Not because you are the reason I can make a living but because my art has a reason to exist in this world. As well as my art could be important to you. Make your own stories with the help of art. It could help to make you understand a feeling. It could warn you of bad choices. It could make you remember things. I think this is a nice glimpse into what keeps me busy at this moment.

In the future there will be a part two because the sources of inspiration rotate through time. Thank you for reading and leave a comment if you have any questions or other thoughts. Stay weird,


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