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https://www.streekmuseum.nlThere is not much interesting to publish on my blog going on at the moment. But that is not going to hold me back posting anyway because I did do something.

The prints of Achthuizen came out great. The printing proces didn't go bad at all, I am getting better and better every run of prints. The lines were clean and all details came out perfect. I feel like the woodcuts I make are getting more and more detailed too so that is great for me and for the collectors of my prints.

Woodcut ready to be printed

At the moment the prints are hanging next to my bed to dry. As I have probably mentioned before, it takes quite a long time for the ink to dry. After that I am going to use watercolor to give all of the prints a nice spring inspired color. The small village Achthuizen has a great set of buildings worth visiting when you will be riding your bike this summer. So yes, grab your computer and book your vacation to Flakkee. Visit het Streekmuseum, buy some prints, grab your bike for a nice long ride and visit the places I turned into prints.

As I already said, there is not much to show you at this moment. I made a newsletter for Goed voor Goed did some other editing work and some stuff around the house so that is not worth sharing at the moment. Some photo's of my computer screen or me posing while "working" is a bit too much for me. I am not an influencer who needs to look good and give everyone the idea I am an inspiration and the perfect succes story. Life is boring or hard and not a party all the time. So yeah, the things I do are fun to do for me but boring to see me doing. Most of the stuff happens in my head anyway. Just keep reading this blog please, then you will see the more exciting products I created.


But for the sake of image sharing, here you can see some drawings I made for a booklet I am working on. Also for het Streekmuseum. This is going to be a cool project with a lot of artwork, the history of a local story from 1910 and the song for it. I think it is going to become a good educational thing for younger people who are interested in the local history and even adults can enjoy this booklet when they visit the museum or one of the performances of the theatre group who preforms the short play of this historical story. I hope this is a nice update for you guys and you like the things I am working on at the moment. Next week it is all about painting a huge mural. Roadburn Festival is happening as we speak, so if you are there, I wish you a magical experience. I'm not there because of COVID-19... I still don't feel comfortable going to an event as big like that. To all the people of there: Stay healthy, stay safe and have a good time! And to all the other readers, hope we'll keep in contact through this website blog thingy. Kind regards,


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There we have it. Something you will read a lot about on this website. The slow proces of making Woodblock Prints. Yesterday I finally finished the two new prints for the little village Achthuizen. It was not a long struggle to finish the woodcut because I am getting quite fast with the cutting proces but there were many things that disturbed the workflow. These were things like beer labels, a newsletter, book cover and some other things I needed to finish first.

The cutting knife

As you can see on the image above I carved my way through the wood in very small details. This piece is the most detailed up to date. I guess that is a goal of mine to be able to make super detailed woodblock prints just like the Japanese woodblock masters do. But not in a Asian way but the blunt "I PRINT WOOD WITH THICK INK..." European style. Why? Because I just pretend to be delicate and focussed.

The finished block

And there you have it. The windmill "Windlust" and the "Maria ten Hemelopneming Kerk" of Achthuizen. Ready to print. So today is going to be a day of preparing the paper and doing some test prints and maybe some graphic design stuff to study.

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I am not that much into social media... But I do like putting some stuff into the world for you to see and read. That is why I am going to update this blog more often with short posts on what I am doing. This way you can see the progress I am making and the goals I have in mind.

With that said. This is a new beer label illustration I made for our local Brewery. I think this is a good day to unleash this illustration on my website since tomorrow it is Easter.

The location of the new Brewery of Solaes
Ceres Ouddorp

For some more news, Solaes is going to open a new brewery in Ouddorp. My coleague designer Meijk van Nimwegen and I are working on a complete redesign on everything Solaes related. I am learning a lot about branding and other graphic design type of things so I am spending my time in productive manner. Also, if you are kind of a follower of this website you can see that I did a complete redesign of the website. More clean, less distraction and soon more art since I need to update my portfolio.

And this is where you as a reader come in. Would you like to see a SHITLOAD of artwork of just a small selection. I need to clean up older work and replace it with recent artwork. But I do like some of my older pieces too. So just like platforms like Instagram and Facebook I could just add new artwork at the top and leave all the other artwork beneath it. This way you can scroll back to my older work and visit a digital exhibition of almost all my work. What do you guys think? You can leave a reply below.

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