Hello there,

You are probably here because you know me and if you don't you are quite special. Welcome and please enjoy my online personal gallery.



Illustrative design for the weird



About the artist

Who is CAVUM?


I am an artist based in the Netherlands. I made a lot of artwork for festivals and bands. After hitting my head against myself and falling into the deep hole called Burn-out in 2019 I am taking it more easy.

My Goal in art

The world is already burning. I think that my place in the world is to give people something of value again. Art and illustration is here to amaze people. We don't need more shouting. The most Punk thing I can do at this moment is not being punk at all. There is nothing wrong with high quality, well made and designed artwork for you to enjoy.
Let's say I create personal little treasures for the world.

What am I doing at this moment?


After years of working for the music industry under a lot of pressure I wanted to go back to something I always loved but had to leave behind because it took too much time to do for the hyperspeed society we live in. That thing is Woodblock prints. Medieval art in 2020 and beyond is what the world needs. Visual Story Telling at it's best.